"The Governing Approach to Addiction is a Murderous Abomination -- The Time Has Come to Take it Down!"

Coming soon: The Corrective -- a six day journey


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Dealing with Addiction -- Why the 20th Century was Wrong

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Dealing with an Addict  -- What you need to know if someone you care for has a drug or alcohol problem 

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By Peter Ferentzy and Nigel Turner:

A History of Problem Gambling -- Temperance, Substance Abuse, Medicine, and Metaphors.


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So who am I? 

Here's one way to put it:

Peter Ferentzy holds a Ph.D. in Social and Political Thought from York University. His dissertation is a historical sociology of the origins and recent development of the modern concept of addiction with an emphasis on how it has interacted with ideas about mental illness and compulsions in general. Dr. Ferentzy has studied and written extensively on Gamblers Anonymous, as well as other issues related to pathological gambling. Two of his more recently completed studies involve: 1.  The history of ideas related to addiction with an emphasis on problem gambling wherein special attention is paid to the role of metaphoric conceptualization in the construction of scientific discourse; 2.  A street level, ethnographic study of gambling patterns among crack users in downtown Toronto. 


Here's another way: 

Peter Ferentzy is a recovering drunk and a recovering crackhead. He knows this topic from the gutter right up to the halls of academe. After losing two friends to overdose, and seeing clearly that in each case the governing approach to addiction was the cause, Peter wrote Dealing with Addiction -- Why the 20th Century was Wrong

The Corrective is an extension of that agenda, showing as it does that persons with substance use issues can – without completely quitting drug and alcohol use – accomplish much more than mainstream authorities would have you believe. In this case they manage to “stave off World War Three, derail the prison system, ‘liberate’ half a million captive animals, settle ethnic strife in eastern europe, unite warring Muslim nations in the Middle east, and generate prosperity in Sudan” (from front cover with special thanks to Stanton Peele). 


Peter wants to change things, and is arrogant enough to believe that he can.


The endorsement below almost made me blush, but I'll take it:

"Ferentzy hopes to do for addicts what Martin Luther King did for blacks. He'll be just as controversial.” 

A. Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP. President, SMART Recovery; Author of Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate: A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions

Time to wake up

Time to get busy

Time to step up

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